Wine sucks.
It excludes, is overly complicated, pretentious and expensive. Rather drink beer and craft gin and tonics, right?
Well sure, because they’re accessible and easy to understand.
But here’s the clincher. So is wine.

Introducing Glou Glou

In truth, wine is wonderful.  But somewhere along the line, the industry began talking to themselves, and forgot about the rest of us. So the idea came late one night over a glass of wine, like all good ideas do.
We are young.
We are female.
We are in the wine industry.
And we believe in making wine welcoming. We’re not here to talk to other wine people. We’re here to talk to YOU. Because you are a real human being, and so are we, and that’s who wine is made for.

Introducing Glou Glou
Introducing Glou Glou

And so we bring you Glou Glou. Why Glou Glou? As a bit of an onomatopeoic neologism made up one day by a French man (probably), Glou Glou means drinkability. It’s wines that don’t pretend to be high seriousness, but nor are they lightweight or dismissable. Much like us – two women working in the wine industry, with a shared background in wine business and media.

Introducing Glou Glou

Glou Glou is not just a blog – it is a sounding board for a new conversation we want to start outside of the wine tank. It’s a reflection of our insights into the wine lifestyle industry, and a digital meeting point for accessible, relevant and simple information on wine.

We’re thirsty – to learn. Are you?

If you’d like to read the French version of our blog, just click on the link below!
Si vous souhaitez lire la version française de notre publication, cliquez ici! : Introducing-Glou-Glou-FR

(A special thank you to Martin Heidsieck for your translation skills to help us reach a wider audience!)

Introducing Glou Glou

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