Recently, we had the privilege of attending an intimate gathering set among the vineyards atop the De Trafford farm in the Upper Blaauwklippen Valley of Stellenbosch.

We came together to celebrate a record-breaking 6 FIVE STAR PLATTER WINES for our favourite winemaker – David Trafford. David’s winemaking journey started in 1977, when he first arrived in the Cape with his parents as a young child. The first vineyard was planted on the land in 1983, and since then, David has chiseled away at his goal quietly, with unwavering dedication and attention to detail. We respect David for his humility, innovation (he did after all start the first appellation in Malgas with his second winery, Sijnn!), and candour.

After a year like 2020, it warmed our hearts to be able to come together in a small gathering of wine-minded souls, to taste through the incredible De Trafford 5-star wines and relish in what wine is crafted for: company.

Congratulations to the humble legend himself, David, and the talented De Trafford team. You serve as a reminder to us as to why we delved into the world of wine in the first place, and we can’t wait to celebrate your twelve 5-stars next year!

Rita and David Trafford hosted a small group of wine lovers in their gorgeous home, with a scenic view of the Elevation vineyard that is a regular 5-star Platter winner
An evening to remember, enjoyed under the watchful gaze of the Stellenbosch Hottentots Mountains
De Trafford Chenin blanc 2018 to whet the palate for an evening of award-winning wines
The table was set for a welcome respite in a year marred by isolation and difficulty, to celebrate the incredible results achieved by the De Trafford team
Kristen grinning with her find
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